Julio Viskovich Answers - Do you have any GREAT ideas for combining social media and sales?

Q: Do you have any GREAT ideas for combining social media and sales?

Julio Viskovich

There are many ways to combine social media and sales. When you take this hybrid approach, you don't hard sell with social media. You use it to enhance your understanding of your prospect and their company so that you can establish trusted consultant status AND use the social data that you can mine to enhance your communications. Use insights you can easily find on LinkedIn or Twitter and use them to personalize your message - whether it's your email subject line or your voicemail.

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Julio Viskovich on social selling

Question and Answer With Julio Viskovich: In the world of sales, what is social selling?

Q: In the world of sales, what is social selling?

Julio Viskovich

Social selling will eventually become just selling. But until that happens, social selling involves salespeople using social media as a layer over top of their existing sales process. For  instance, instead of making a cold call or spray & pray email campaign, you could leverage social insights to make your communication more impactful and successful. It involves eliminating dark periods from the sales process by allowing for much touch points over social media.

Julio Viskovich

The Ultimate Guide to Social Selling Implementation for B2B Sales

How do I implement a social selling program?
How do I get buy-in from sales reps?
How do I get buy-in from sales leadership?
How do I measure these new social selling activities?

If you've ever asked any of these questions, you NEED to read this document.

Video: Trends and Tips Around Social Selling

Social Selling is Like Playing A Game of Poker

Poker is a game of psychology and body language where each player carefully observes the other for any signal or tell that they have either a great hand or a sub-par hand. Social selling is no different, and the public social media realm allows you to do this with precision.

Knowing Your Competitors 

Build Twitter lists and saved searches in LinkedIn that will help you monitor them. Keep in mind that all Twitter lists involving competitors should be kept private.

LinkedIn Saved Searches 

Used saved LinkedIn saved searches to see when a competitor hires or adds an employees that will directly compete for business with you. By flipping your privacy to anonymous browsing you can survey your competitors team and map out their department even going as far as to know who handles what vertical or territory. The People Also Viewed are on the right pane of LinkedIn should allow you to quickly identify others withing their team and department.

Basic Twitter Monitoring 

Let’s first look at the basic and easiest way first which is to find your competitive companies twitter handles and see who they’re engaging with and who is having problems with their product. This allows you to identify people who are targets for your product and not happy with their current provider. For this reason it’s also very helpful to find the customer support handles of your competitors and monitor them too.

Advanced Twitter Monitoring 

The more advanced way to use twitter for b2b competitive intelligence is to build twitter lists that reflect your competitors sales teams and use this your your advantage. For example, you may want to build separate twitter lists that contain the lead developments team, sales reps, sales engineers, and account managers of your competitors. By monitoring these lists and seeing who they connect and talk with, you can identify new leads and understand exactly where they are in your competitors sales funnel. Have they may just made contact with a lead development rep or have they connected with an account manager in which case you need to thing of a way to oust them away over the contract term.