How To Flip a Website For Profit

Have you ever been intrigued by flipping houses and selling them for a profit? Can you apply this same model to buying and selling cyberspace? Sure. Website flipping is quickly becoming a niche market for those wishing to make a little, or a lot, of extra money. Many will be surprised just how easy it is to flip websites to make money without any actual web development skills.

The first important step is choosing a good topic. This means that the topic must be popular since your intention will be to sell the site, and thus must be appealing. Once you have a good topic, you must choose and register a domain, and find a host for the website. Sites like can help you do everything you need, and get your website running for under $50. Dont forget to find a good domian name that applies to your topic. They have many personal and professional templates to choose from when building the site. Surprisingly, no website development knowledge is needed to do this.

OK, back to business, you’ve chosen your domain, you’ve chosen your theme, now it’s time for your content! The best way to generate good content for a website is to get good at re-writing and summarizing articles. Tons of people would appreciate a condensed version of a long article. Wouldn't you? I find it beneficial to go to popular sites that have information on your topic. Article directories like or will work just great. Find articles that are applicable and summarize the best parts. When I say summarize, DO NOT plaigerize.

Once you get some readership, and gain popularity, find a good resource to help sell your site. I reccommend using SitePoint. SitePoint allows you to put your domains into an auction and sell it at a fixed price. Once you get good at the process and comfortable with the services you use, it will become quite easy for you achieve your supplementary income goals. Remember, the possibilities are endless. Only you can make it happen!