Social Media Users: Companies are Tracking Your Every Move!

Be careful of what you are doing online these days, particularly on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, forums, and blogs. Companies are now collecting your data, and building a database on YOU! Do a Google search on your own name and see the sites providing information about you and the social networks you belong to.

Rapleaf Inc. is a company that collates information about people and then sells it to companies who want to use the information to learn about customers and their habits. These kinds of data mining companies are always keeping their eye on you because if they can connect your chatter to create a behavioral pattern, money can be made! This kind of approach adds value to their service! Industries like financial, airline, and political, all pay big money for your information. Financial services companies such as banks and lenders can use the services for marketing purposes, as well as, to make lending decisions. For example, specific types of credit products, which fit your personality, could be marketed specifically at you.