Social Networks Allow Americans to Contribute to the News!

Pew Internet released a recent study demonstrating how everyday Americans are following the news. The study showed that 75% of people who find the new online get the news forwarded to them by e-mail, or by reading it on social media sites. It also showed that 59% of Americans get the news from a combination of online and offline sources. And while TV remains the biggest sources of news with 78% of Americans using it as a sources. Internet sits in second place as 61% of people look online for news. Very interestingly, only 17% of people say they read national newspapers like USA Today or New York Times!!

Another interesting point is the division between the consumers of news, and their relationship to the news. Over 33% of cell phone users now access news on their cell phones, and have customized pages for the news they prefer. Just as interesting, 37% of news consumers have contributed to the news through news creation via social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.