To Blog or Not to Blog? That is the Question!

Is it really worth blogging? Should you really waste your time writing to people? Do companies really beneift from a blog? The short answer is YES! First, it blogging allows you to build a public personae for you or your company. Furthermore, it make both you and your company more accessible.

To start, define your audience. Think about who your customers are, or who you want your audience to be. Usually this will be your customers, suppliers, partners, clients, or industry mates. When you have a clear idea on your audience you need to develop a unique approach to reaching them. One way is to inject passion into your writing. This is why the topics you write about should both suit the audience’s tastes, and be associated with one of your passions. Writing about farm tractors to an audience of wall street bankers probably won’t help you develop reputation and readership. Find a mix and wrote authentic articles. Have fun with your blog and you will have started something good in no time.