Using Empire Avenue to Springboard Your Brand Presence in Social Media

For those of you who haven't heard of Empire Avenue it's a game designed to help and measure your activity on the biggest and best social networks. The game assigns you a stock value which raises or drops according to your activity in the game and your social networks. You can see the ticker showing my stock value on the right side of this post. Today I am going to focus on how brands can use Empire Avenue.

Opportunities for Brands

Here are some tips from Jeremiah Owyang of Altimeter on how brands can use Empire Avenue to build their presence.

1. Getting Started: Create a company account.  You can create a business account or a personal account, and your fans and advocates can interact with the account, buying and selling your content. There is no cost to build this account, so those that are seeking to innovate and stay ahead of the curve should do this now. 

2. Leverage your existing social media investments: the game is fueled on it. This game rewards social media interactions from third party accounts like FB and Twitter, using their connections tools you can tap into your existing investments. As a unique behavior, the top members (influencers) will do the same, suggesting this is a refined group of highly engaged influencers.

3. Glean intelligence on who’s an influencer, see how they behave. This platform can help identify interests of users (by pulling in interests from Facebook profiles) that will help brands find those that are the most engaged by a particular topic. 

4. Utilize Game Mechanics as a Reward Mechanism. Expect brands to ‘reward’ their fans by buying their shares in this game for doing certain achievements like interacting with the brand on other social networks.

5. Engage in Conversations with Influencers. This tool has a stream of content, and the ability to leave comments, shoutouts, notes, and other features. As a result, Community Managers can engage with influencers.