UBC Imprint Personal Branding Workshop 2013

Part 1: Audit your LinkedIn Profile

Download your own copy of this personal branding audit put together specifically for UBC Imprint. It will quiz you about the current state of your profiles and will give you a score in order to give you an idea of how much work you have to do ;)

Part 2 : LinkedIn Activity

Complete the following elements of your profile....

1.  Headline.  The font is larger, and thus your headline is more visible and more important. These are the most important 120 characters on your entire LinkedIn profile. Include keywords and tell your story. 

2.  Summary of your current and previous experience.  If the jobs are not listed in the order you prefer, just use the up-down arrow to reorder your entries. I will share more detail on the Experience section in coming weeks. 

3.  Photo.  It’s bigger and therefore more important. Does your photo clearly display your brand in the marketplace? A 20-year-old photo of you and your Harley in front of a tavern probably doesn’t do that very well — unless you sell Harleys or own the tavern! And even then, I’d probably save those types of photos for Facebook. Also, if your photo doesn’t fill up the entire square, resize it or choose a different photo.

4.  Contact Info. This is harder to find. People have to click it to access your info. But once they click, be sure they see all the ways you prefer to be contacted. This also includes ensuring you have a personalized LinkedIn URL.

5.  Websites. This is also harder to find, but it’s still one of only a few opportunities on LinkedIn to include a hyperlink. It’s a bummer that people now have to click the Contact Info icon to see your websites, but it’s important to include three websites with strategic descriptions. Don’t use the default “My Company,” etc. 

Thanks to PowerFormula for the above exercise.

Oh and ONE MORE THING! If you've read this far you found the secret LinkedIn hint. It is to take advantage to the new LinkedIn Professional Gallery which will set you apart by allowing you to attaches multimedia to your profile in key locations. In your Professional Gallery you can share hyperlinks to various media, such as video, images, documents, and presentations. Add pieces of your portfolio, projects or published works.

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