Julio Viskovich   
Your Sales and Training Expert!     

Marketing by Julio Viskovich


Julio Viskovich is extremely capable at speaking in front of audiences large or small, in a variety of settings; and in his career with Mosaic Microsoft has trained nearly 10,000 Retail Sales Professionals.

Julio has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies including InBev, Roger's Wireless, and Microsoft to develop brand image and execute market strategies through developing and delivering sales training. He is results driven, and motivated sales trainer offering successful experience in event execution, curriculum development and promotional campaigns that drive sales, and increase ROI, customer loyalty. Julio is also highly regarded for executing successful social media campaigns and has a diehard Twitter followship.

Julio's experience encompasses large and small group training. social media marketing, branding, market research, event/show execution, vendor relations, ad and PR copy writing, budgeting and forecasting, marketing program management, product management, retail merchandising, and message development.