5 Social Media Business Myths Debunked Gladiator-Style

In talking to many businesses and SMB owners in my day as a freelance Social Media Strategist, I heard the same myths and questions about social media over and over. I wanted to share some of those  myths with you and either affirm or debunk them today. However, I thought we could do this "a little different and give each myth a Gladiator-esque thumbs up or down to symbolize its truthfulness. Let's get started and count down from 5....

5. “Only a small percentage of my customers use social media.” FALSE. Actually, Nielsen reports that that social media sites and blogs reach 80% of all active U.S. internet users . There are over a billion people world-wide just using Facebook and Twitter. Trust me, your customers are on social.

4. “Since our customers create the conversation online do we need to participate? YES.  Your to customers who are happy and like your brand will be your biggest assets as they will defend you in times of needs and support you through the good times. It's also essential at minimizing detractors online by participating, guiding the conversations, and providing transparency to your audience.  

3. “We have a Facebook Page and that's all we need.” FALSE. Though Facebook is one great platform for connecting with your consumers, LinkedIn provides access to professionals and decision makers, while Twitter continues growing at a rate of 11 accounts per second and cannot be ignored. Others like Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, YouTube all play a crucial role in monitoring your brand and connecting with consumers.

2. “Can I still have a significant impact without thousands of followers?”
 YES. Of course the "more the merrier" cliche holds true when creating profits, but social media is built on the foundation of quality and not quantity as far as engagement goes. Its better to have 100 Facebook fans or Twitter followers than to have a following of 100,000 people on Facebook or Twitter that are not in your target market. 

1. “We don’t need a social media strategy.” FALSE. Social media is not just a fun way to share what your company is doing today. Too many decision makers don't see a long-term strategy as a necessity right now. Social media has proven to be more than fad and more as a disruptive form of communication that is here to stay. As a small business or a large organization, the first and most important part of social media is having a plan and strategy.