7 Tips To Help Master Google+ For Social Selling

google plus

Be Attention Grabbing. The title of your post has to connect with your audience and make them want to look at your post further. Make it engaging!

Add a Picture. Photos have proven to add to the success of your post making it more visible and discoverable to members in G+.

Use Hashtags. G+ has made use of hashtags nicely and allows you to tag your posts with them which makes it searchable. This will help you organically grow your community and get in fornt of the right people.

Content is King. Remember that despite your use of the above posting elements, you should always have great content. This is the key to growing an engaged and organic audience.

Tagging People. Appropriately tagging people to your post will increase the sharability and engagement around the post. Tag people who are either mention in your post/article or that would love to read it.

Communities. G+ has built communities that are not unlike Facebook or LinkedIn Groups. The idea is the same - you can join communities of like minded people and engage with them around niche topics. Using communities to build thought leadership is key to succeeding on G+.

My audience has been primarily B2B sales people so I have took the liberty of building a Google+ Circle with some of the key social selling thought leaders. Follow it and suggest anyone I’ve missed. I will continue to add to it.