Customer-Focused Prospecting to Increase Your Sales

Prospecting practices, at large, that are customer-centric count. What counts even more is confirmable proof that your prospecting activities are also customer-centric that purchasers ascertain value in pursuing or continuing a conversation. Confirmable proof, in my opinion, comes by buyer actions, not the enthusiasm and exuberance in a buyer’s voice.

It’s one matter for a buyer to invite additional information, it’s a totally different story for the buyer to read those details within minutes of receipt. It’s one thing for a buyer to ask for an appointment, it’s quite a different thing for them to actually show up.

Affirming the frequency and velocity with which buyers open their doors to a sales conversation can cause a fundamental impact on your sales productivity and prospecting practices – the enigma of what’s working and what is not rapidly evaporates. This Is not to say that bad habits evaporate equally as quickly, but at least there are less excuses for carrying on to employ practices that neglect to engage buyers.

It's time to stop your bad habits and create good ones.
Check out Gary Hart’s blog post “Are Your Prospecting Results Disappointing” as it successfully explains how customer-centric messaging draws in buyers to engage in sales conversations. However, when results are dissatisfactory, it’s frequently because calls and e-mails are, instead, product or feature-centric.

For some great tips, see Inside View's presentation on crafting emails.