How to Increase the Sharing of Your Content by 700%

Times have changed! Long gone are the days where all you had to do for your online presence was to create a website and input a few sentences of text. If you wanted to stand above the rest all you had to do was outsource to a website designer and then relax until people came across it via search. 

Nowadays, websites require dynamic content with an interactive interface that provides your audience a unique and customized experience.  You now need to constantly optimize for search engines and consistently iterate your keywords to attract the right audience. In fact, now you need to compliment your website with engagement on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and many others. Today, you must also provide video content (which is standard content on websites now) and have a branded YouTube channel.

My point being is that you are required to constantly change your content strategy by having a good mix of media on your site. This is a lot of work considering we haven’t even discussed a marketing strategy yet. Lee Odden, of Top Rank Blog, has created the below diagram that highlights activities and media that are needed in order to optimize your on-line brand.

Let me now pose a question. How many times have you visited a website and wanted to share the content because it was quite useful? How many times has this happened and you didn’t share the content because there were no share buttons easily acssible to make sharing the content easy? On other words, there are no “Tweet”, LinkedIn or Facebook “share” buttons to make the share process easy. Recent research has showed how important it is to have share buttons on your site. Brightedge conducted a detailed social share analysis randomly sampling tweets and found out that sites that had installed a “Tweet” button drove about 700% more mentions on Twitter than sites that were not optimized to share.

Adding this one small change will accelerate the sharing of your content and allow others to discover your brand. In many cases, uploading a social plugin and including a “Tweet” button on your blog or website is a 5-10 minute task especially if you have a WordPress or Blogger blog.

Are you taking advantage of social sharing buttons on your blog or website?