The Top 3 Most Successful Twitter Campaigns EVER

#3. Network Solutions: Use Twitter to Promote Larger Social Campaigns

During the 2011 Super Bowl, domain registrar Network Solutions decided to throw in a monkey wrench to GoDaddy’s "ballsy" media blitz while promoting its .CO product offerings. Rather than compete head-on with GoDaddy’s extremely pricy Super Bowl advertisement, Network Solutions partnered with agency CRT/tanaka to create a spoof of GoDaddy’s Super Bowl commercials and hoping to capitalize on Twitter and social media influencers. So with a $200,000 budget, they developed a mockumentary spoof of GoDaddy called Go Granny "the original domain girl".

Scale of Success: In five days, the campaign inspired more than 3,500 tweets and garnered nearly 20 million impressions across Twitter, reports agency CRT/tanaka. On top of that, #GoGranny became a trending topic in Washington, D.C., and top influencers who tweeted about Go Granny included Gina Trapani and Brian Solis. Even more impressive, the company’s sales of the .CO domain increased by more than 500% during Super Bowl weekend as a direct result of the campaign.

#2. UNICEF India: Show Celebrities Their Impact on Social Good Projects

UNICEF India’s agency, OgilvyOne Worldwide, enlisted social agency BUZZVALVE to manage a three-month social media campaign to promote UNICEF’s “Awaaz Do” (which means “lend your voice” in Hindi) initiative, an effort to send eight million unschooled Indian children back to education.

BUZZVALVE CEO Rohan Chandrashekhar explains:“We set up a two-way communication channel between us and them, where we were able to show them through our analytics the kind of impact they were having on Twitter and among their followers on every retweet or mention about the campaign. In effect, rather than have them formally ‘endorse’ the campaign, we helped them ‘participate’ actively. Our analytics helped them understand their own influence and this acted as an encouragement for them be active campaigners. We thus created an environment for them to engage with us and the ‘Awaaz Do’ cause directly, by making real-time info about their impact available to them.”

Scale of Success: During the three-month campaign, the #AWAAZDO hashtag received 1,525mentions and the @UNICEFIndia Twitter account gained 2,198 followers. The campaign itself received 60,540 impressions on Twitter during the time period, as calculated using Tweetreach. By the end of the campaign, the Awaaz Do website garnered 203,248 signups of people interested in “joining the movement” to help get India’s children back to school.

#1. American Airlines: Celebrate Successes with a Hashtag

To celebrate their 30th anniversary of its AAdvantage loyalty program, American Airlines decided to run a Twitter contest called “Tweet to Win 30K Miles.”

The Twitter campaign was a subset of a larger campaign named “Deal 30,” which consisted of 30 different partner deals and promotions over 30 days. The AAdvantage team developed a microsite to promote the new partner deal each day — the Twitter contest occurred on the fourth day of the promotion. Participants were to register wtih their AAdvantage number on the microsite, tweet the #Deal30 hashtag and follow the @AAdvantage account in order to have a chance to win 30,000 AAdvantage miles.

The campaign was promoted primarily through AAdvantage and American Airlines’ social media channels in order to drive traffic to the Deal 30 microsite and increase buzz for all the reamining daily deals, and to attract new Twitter followers for the new @AAdvantage Twitter account.

Scale of Success: In under one week, the microsite’s link gained just under 18,000 clicks via Twitter, while the @AAdvantage Twitter account saw a 70% increase in followers.