Twitter Improving the Classroom

With an ever growing student to teacher ratio, budget cuts, and lack of interest in traditional teaching methods, university students have found a new way to participate and engage in the classroom.

First off, it is creating a new way to participate during a lecture. Often times student won't participate or will shy away from speaking in front of others. Twitter has allowed Dr. Monica Rankin of the University of Texas at Dallas to experiment and test the implementation of Twitter in the classroom. During lecture, students tweet comments or questions via laptop or cell phone, while the TA and Dr. Rankin respond to a real-time feed displayed prominently in front of the room. As a result, participation levels are up, as well as, academic performance and motivation. Participants have also noticed that classroom discussions and learning continue well after classroom hours.

We must never forget that life is dynamic and always changing. We should constantly be searching for new and better ways of doing things.