Using Twitter for Prospecting and Sales

Yesterday’s sales processes fail to take into account the new social touch points that are so important to build connections and learn about your prospect's needs. Today, let's look at Twitter for sales and prospecting.

Use Twitter to “listen”, or monitor, and to gather information to help you understand about what is important to your prospect. Twitter helps you do your homework and get to know the people you are going to encounter. Using a tool like HootSuite takes this to a whole other level by offering the ability to “listen” to several different search streams, lists, and social networks all in a single screen. For example, if you want to sell to Pepsi then you can create lists for all related keywords, topics, suppliers and competitors of Pepsi. This should give you a giant set of elephant ears in which to “listen” to conversation relating to the strengths and challenges surrounding Pepsi.

Next, become a thought leader by providing great content and thought provoking comments that are relevant to the audience you hope to attract.  Aim to provide something of value to your prospects and customers via Twitter. This could be a simple observation, a quote, or link to an article that’s pertinent to the industry, geography or job function you serve, a webinar, podcast or relevant and valuable content, perhaps even content created by your own company such as  e-books, white papers, surveys or events that could help increase their trust and engagement. Hubspot recommends to tweet out 10 industry related articles, 4 links to your company's blog posts, and 1 link to your landing or demo request page each week. You can also re-tweet something that your prospect or customer tweeted to show you are listening and value their contribution.

Twitter is a conversation and not a monologue. A good engagement social media dashboard allows for listening and engaging quickly and easily. HootSuite provides a really easy way to both listen and engage with people from one place and is my tool of choice to do this effectively. If you do use HootSuite, take advantage of the scheduling feature to pre-schedule your posts and then focus on listening and engaging with your prospects.Use Twitter to create a better and deeper relationship with your prospects and customers that was not previously possible before social media. By using Twitter and other social networks, you can turn a cold call into a gold call!