Why Social Media is Important for Business

Social media moves at such velocity and pace that is unlike any other form of communication before it. This disruptive form of communication reports the news faster than any news organization in existence. The power of social media is so intense that businesses cannot afford to ignore any social networks or forms of social media. This is why it needs to be studied carefully and linked with hard metrics like ROI so people can understand. But this is near impossibile. This is the rubicks cube I coined "socialnometry".

Organizations need to recognize this and harness the positive uses while also proactively stopping negative occurrences from happening on the social web. Different industries and departments will all use social media differently, but the point is, social media reaches and improves efficiency in each and every one. Email me, tweet me or make a comment if you would like some examples. Have a look at my latest presentation on the importance of social media and creating a social business.